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Residents association
Churden Residents Association

Churden Residents Association represents Nos. 1-35 Churchill Way and all of Denton Court. Like most residents associations, ours was born out of conflict - but since it was set up four years ago, it has grown and developed as a social get-together whilst still continuing to take an interest in our neighbourhood issues. Our aims are:
  • to make our environment a pleasant place in which to live
  • to promote social, welfare, recreational and educational activities for the benefit of all our members
  • to encourage community spirit
  • to improve communication with the Town Council and other statutory and non-statutory bodies locally.
  • What does the association do?

    We take an active interest in Town Council business and regularly report to our members through our newsletter and social gatherings. For the past 18 months we have been responsible for the planting of the town entrance sign flower bed on Kettering Road, and for the last two years we have exhibited at the Christmas Tree Festival in St Mary's Church.

    The Association is represented on the "Friends of the Park" steering group which is organised by Kettering Borough Council, the Sports and Leisure group set up by the Town Council, and the town centre redevelopment scheme.

    What have we achieved?

    Where in the past individual residents have met with little response from large organisations on local issues we, as an assocation, have met with some minor successes, including:
  • having a diseased tree removed
  • getting a telephone pole re-sited
  • improving the grass cutting schedule for our area
  • installing a secure alley-gate to an otherwise extremely vulnerable area
  • Perhaps just as importantly, new friends have been made - even among neighbours who have lived close by for many years! A real feeling of neighbourliness has developed over the past four years. We survive on funds raised from our annual BBQ and our Christmas meeting - despite the fact that it usually rains on both occasions!

    If you would like to start a similar scheme in your area, we would be pleased to help you.

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    » churden@fsmail.net
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