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Burton Latimer Parish PlanBurton Latimer Parish Plan
About the project

As Burton Latimer grows and changes, it is vital that future developments reflect the views of our local community. One way of making sure this happens is to involve as many people as possible in the creation of a Parish Plan for the town.

What is a Parish Plan?

Preparing a Parish Plan involves a step-by-step process that enables local communities to decide how to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of their area - and then to make it happen.

Why do we need a Parish Plan?

People have a sense of pride in their local community and its heritage. What's more, evidence provided by the public in a Parish Plan really does influence decision makers - such as the town, borough and county councils - about a community's aspirations for the future.

Who has been running the project?

A steering group of Burton Latimer residents - backed by the town council - was set up in November 2010 to oversee the development of our own Parish Plan. The group used a variety of ways to seek the views of as many local residents as possible, before producing a final plan in December 2012 showing how the available knowledge and resources can be pooled to make things happen.

Why did we ask local residents to get involved?

Basically, this is our town and our future - so we needed to make sure our choices count. Preparing a Parish Plan is one way that we can do this - but for the exercise to be worthwhile, it was important to have as much support, input and involvement as possible from the local community.

What has the project entailed?

The publication of our Parish Plan in December 2012 was the final stage of a process that began in February 2011.
The first step involved asking each household to complete a questionnaire - which was designed and tested by a group of Burton Latimer residents. The 22 questions covering nine themes gave people the chance to say what they value about living in Burton Latimer and how they think the experience of living and working in the town may be enhanced in the future. Some of the questions asked people to assign a quality rating to specific aspects of Burton Latimer, and others provided space for people to give their views. The questionnaire was delivered to all 3,200 Burton Latimer households in February 2011.
» Download a copy of the household questionnaire

Step 2 involved analysing the 706 returned questionnaires - an excellent response rate of 22%. Copies of the full analysis report are available at Burton Latimer Library and the Civic Centre. A short summary report was also distributed to all Burton Latimer Households in November 2011 with the Late Autumn edition of the local Councillors' quarterly newsletter - Burton Latimer News.
» Download a copy of the full analysis report
» Download a copy of the summary analysis report

Step 3 involved incorporating the findings from the household questionnaire, plus a list of proposed actions, into our emerging Parish Plan document. The steering group then held a drop-in session at the Civic Centre on Saturday 3rd December 2011, so that local residents could ask questions, view and comment on the draft plan, and suggest further ideas for action.

Step 4 involved publishing the final version of the Parish Plan - which was completed in December 2012. The Plan - which has been agreed by the town council and submitted to Kettering Borough Council for adoption - sets out what is to happen, who is going to make it happen, and when.
» Download a copy of the Parish Plan

What happened next?

Our Parish Plan project didn't end with the publication of a document! Since then:
  • Burton Latimer Town Council approved the Parish Plan in early 2013, and has monitored the action plan to check that everything is progressing as expected.
  • Kettering Borough Council adopted the Parish Plan in November 2014. This means that our Parish Plan is now an informal Borough Council guidance document, and should help to influence planning policies and frameworks that affect our local community.
  • The Steering Group updated the Parish Plan in 2015 - adding further actions to address new issues and concerns that had been identified.
  • Burton Latimer Town Council approved the updated Parish Plan in February 2016.

Project timeline

Parish Plan timeline

The latest situation - and how to get involved

Burton Latimer Town Council is currently setting up a new Steering Group of volunteers from the local community to oversee the implementation of the Parish Plan. To express an interest in joining this group - or for more information about what it might involve - please contact Councillor Maureen Jerram.



Steering group co-ordinator
Maureen Jerram
t: 01536 725524
e: mjerram@tiscali.co.uk
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Download a copy of our Parish Plan

Burton Latimer Parish Plan

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