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Burton Latimer Parish PlanBurton Latimer Parish Plan
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Burton Latimer's Parish Plan was published in December 2012. The document - which was the result of 18 months' work by local residents - was approved by Burton Latimer Town Council in 2013, and adopted by Kettering Borough Council in February 2014.

As well as explaining the background to this community project and giving a brief history of Burton Latimer, the Plan lists a total of 56 actions to protect and enhance our town for the future - based on suggestions made by local residents in their 2011 Household Questionnaire responses. It also notes that 30 of these actions have already been completed, and that some of the remaining items on the list - especially the longer term ones - will require help from other agencies, such as Kettering Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council.
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What's happened since the Plan was published?

Our Parish Plan project didn't end with the publication of a document! Since then:
  • Burton Latimer Town Council approved the Parish Plan in early 2013, and has monitored the action plan to check that everything is progressing as expected.
  • Kettering Borough Council adopted the Parish Plan in November 2014. This means that our Parish Plan is now an informal Borough Council guidance document, and should help to influence planning policies and frameworks that affect our local community.
  • The Steering Group updated the Parish Plan in 2015 - adding further actions to address new issues and concerns that had been identified.
  • Burton Latimer Town Council approved the updated Parish Plan in February 2016.
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The latest situation - and how to get involved

Burton Latimer Town Council is currently setting up a new Steering Group of volunteers from the local community to oversee the implementation of the Parish Plan. To express an interest in joining this group - or for more information about what it might involve - please contact Councillor Maureen Jerram.







Steering group co-ordinator
Maureen Jerram
t: 01536 725524
e: mjerram@tiscali.co.uk
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Download a copy of our Parish Plan

Burton Latimer Parish Plan

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