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About the scheme

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is the largest organisation of volunteers in the UK. Its main aim is to make neighbourhoods safer for residents to live in. Using Home Office guidelines, local NHW encourages the formation of individual schemes by inviting residents to recruiting meetings. If the meeting is successful a Street Coordinator is appointed as the link between the local NHW and residents.

How does it work in Burton Latimer?

There are two NHW areas in Burton Latimer - Latimer and Plessy. Once a scheme is set up and the Street Coordinator has been appointed, details are registered with the local police - so that the police have a named contact for passing on messages and warnings about local crimes. In addition, NHW signs are erected at both ends of the street.

All members receive a Welcome Pack giving up-to-date crime prevention measures and NHW stickers for display on doors and windows. They will also receive contact details for the Latimer and Plessey Area Co-ordinators (Pam Wright and Peter Hill respectively), for the Kettering and Corby District NHW Liaison Officer (Jane Calcott), and for the Kettering Rural Safer Community Team.

To set up a scheme - or to enquire about one operating in your own street - please contact Jane Calcott on 03000 111222.

What are the benefits to residents?

  • Signs and stickers act as deterrents to criminals. Home Office figures show a lower incidence of burglaries in NHW streets - and home insurance companies recognise this, so ask for a reduction in your premium!
  • SmartWater - a liquid marker that uniquely and invisibly identifies your property (and which is hated by burglars!) can be purchased at a very significant price reduction through Jane Calcott.
  • NWH membership can foster a community spirit on the street.

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    Contact details
    Kettering and Corby District NHW Liaison Officer
    Jane Colcott
    t: 03000 111 222
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