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BLAG is a forum to help local residents have a say about any future development in Burton Latimer. The group was set up in 2007 after a public meeting to discuss a very controversial planning application to develop land off Cranford Road.

Who are we?

The group has a chairperson (Jan Smith), a treasurer (Jeff Baynham) and a secretary (Tom Kelly) and is open to any of the residents of Burton Latimer. We are not there to oppose planning applications, but merely to make reasoned comments on applications that we believe would be to the detriment of our town.

What do we do?

Membership consists of local residents who work diligently to advise and inform our town council - and in turn, Kettering Borough Council - of local residents' opinions in relation to various planning applications within Burton Latimer (and adjoining areas, if they have an impact on Burton). To this end we have the full support and backing of the town council, who routinely ask for our input on major planning issues.

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September 2009 BLAG's view on current planning activity for East Kettering





» Jan Smith (chair)
» Tom Kelly (secretary)
» Jeff Baynham (treasurer)
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