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Local walks / Cranford constitutional

Local walk - Cranford Constitutional


The walk starts from the free public car park in Church St, in front of the Olde Victoria pub. On leaving the car park, turn left along Church Street. After a few yards, pass the Jacobean House on your left, followed by (on your right) the Manor House and St Mary's church.

As Church Street bends sharply left to become Cranford Road, turn right along Wold Road (No.1). Continue along this narrow lane as it goes over the A6 bypass and past cottages on the left until you reach the wind farm (No.2).

Just before the gate marking the private road to Wold Farm (no right of way), take the permissive path to the left, alongside the field boundary. After 200yds a wooden footbridge on the right leads into the next field (No.3), and the signposted path then continues uphill and slightly to the right. After crossing another wooden footbridge through a gap in the next hedge boundary, continue up the slope towards the far right hand corner of the field to rejoin the road beyond Wold Farm at a footpath sign. Continue straight along this farm road until it reaches the A510 Finedon - Woodford road at the Round House (No.4).

Instead of crossing the road, take the signposted bridleway that leads through a wooden gate on the left, and between a stand of young silver birch trees. Follow the path across the field, to reach a wooden footbridge at a gap in the hedgerow - and continue straight ahead across the next field and over another wooden footbridge through the hedge on the far side. The path then leads diagonally to the left and passes through a gap in the hedge, where the way across the next field is clearly marked by the footpath sign visible on the far side.

At the field boundary, the path passes between wooden posts before being diverted to the left around the land-fill site ahead (No.5). Keep the post-and-wire fence on your right as you follow this diverted path for about 15 minutes, bending steadily to the right. At the end of the diversion (which is clearly marked), turn left through a gate and follow the public bridleway diagonally and slightly to the left across the grassy field. At the footpath sign on the far side of the field, follow the path to the left alongside the field boundary, and pass through two more fields following the way-marked public bridleway. Beyond the fields, continue straight ahead along the rough path - which later becomes a concrete track - until it forks. At this point, follow the path that descends to the left - which will then bend to the right, before entering a tunnel under the A14 (No.6). After another 200 yards bear left on the cattle grid, then turn right at the bridleway sign and follow the path between posts to reach the Cranford Road.

Turn right along the road and walk along the grass verge into Cranford. Cross the road opposite the red public 'phone box and follow the signed byway past the park bench (No.7). Pass to the right of the next public footpath sign and continue straight ahead to cross the black and white metal Jubilee Bridge. At this point, take the well-marked path directly ahead across the field and go through the small white wooden gate on the far side before turning left into St Andrews Lane, by Beck Cottage. At the junction at the end of the lane, turn left into Grafton Road and immediately right into Top Dysons, past another red public 'phone box. At the end of Top Dysons, follow the track that continues straight ahead (passing to the left of No.21), to reach an open field. Take the field-side path straight ahead - keeping the hedgerow to your left - which follows the course of a prominent line of telegraph poles, before descending to a footbridge across a ditch, into the next field.

Continue straight ahead as the path rises again. Immediately after the first tree in the field-side hedgerow, take the well-marked footpath to the left that follows a line of trees across the field towards the A14 footbridge that is visible on the horizon. Follow the path as it descends and veers slightly to the right towards a stand of trees, and crosses a brook via a wooden bridge. A second wooden bridge brings the path into the next field, where it climbs gently to meet the Cranford Road again at a footpath sign (No.8).

Cross the road and walk 70 yards to the left towards green bollards marking the way to the footbridge across the A14. Continue over the bridge and walk along the road - passing Black Bridge farm on the right and Windmill Cottages on the left - to reach the A6 Burton Latimer bypass (No.9). Turn left and - crossing the bypass via the central reservation - turn right into Cranford Road. About 600 yards beyond Seasons Garden Centre, the road bends sharply to the right into Church St, and back to your starting point at the Olde Victoria.

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