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Burton Latimer Town Council no longer produces a regular newsletter - but back copies of Burton Latimer News (2011 - 2013) and Sounding Board (2008 - 2011) can be downloaded from this page.

The Town Council's quarterly newsletter was distributed to all local residents until Autumn 2013. Typically, the bulletin contained information about what's happening in and around the town, summaries of the council's activities and achievements, details about other local groups and committees, and plans for the future.

In addition, Burton Latimer News often highlighted important local issues that the council is keen to hear local views about.

Download back copies of the newsletter


Burton Latimer News - Winter 2013 Burton Latimer News - Spring 2013 Burton Latimer News - Summer 2013 Burton Latimer News - Autumn 2013  
Winter Spring Summer Autumn  


Burton Latimer News - Winter 2012 Burton Latimer News - Winter 2012 Burton Latimer News - Summer 2012 Burton Latimer News - Autumn 2012  
Winter Spring Summer Autumn  


Sounding Board - Spring 2011 Sounding Board - Summer 2011 Sounding Board - Autumn 2011 Burton Latimer News - Late Autumn 2011  
Spring Summer Autumn Late Autumn  


Sounding Board - April 2010 Sounding Board - June 2010 Sounding Board - September 2010    
April June September    


Sounding Board - April 2009 Sounding Board - June 2009 Sounding Board - September 2009 Sounding Board - December 2009  
April June September December  


Sounding Board - April 2008      

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