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Christopher Groome

Until 2011 I was a member of Kettering Borough Council with main interests in planning and planning policy, and transport. In that role I led the campaign for the A6 bypass of Burton Latimer and the campaign for the bridle bridge at the end of Cranford Road. I also represented the Town and Borough Councils at the Isham bypass Public Inquiry. I am also a member of the East Midlands Passenger Focus, campaigning for better public transport.

Outside council work I am a governor of Southfield School for Girls (until recently, Chair) and Chair of the Kettering Old Grammar School Foundation, an education charity. I am a member of the executive of the Association of Northamptonshire School Governing Bodies.

I want to see Burton Latimer town centre improved, with better public areas and shopoping facilities. I also have a passion for improving education in the area.

I should also like to thank everyone who helped with my successful campaign to represent Burton Division on the County Council. My campaign objectives were:

  • To ensure that jobs, infrastructure and services are committed before new houses are built, with special emphasis on Kettering East
  • To raise the level of attainment in our schools
  • To reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and make the County Council more user friendly.

The good news is that I have been appointed as a member of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee where I can hopefully make a contribution towards meeting all three objectives.

If you have a contribution to make on these topics or any other, I shall be pleased to hear from you.


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