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Publication scheme

All public authorities are required to have a publication scheme setting out information that is made routinely available. To reduce duplication and bureaucracy and to ensure consistency in the release of information, the Information Commissioner's Office has developed a model publication scheme that any public authority can use.

From 1st January 2009, Burton Latimer Town Council has adopted the Information Commissioner's pre-approved model publication scheme, which specifies seven classes of information. Advice on how to make a request for information, and on charges that may apply, can be found on the guidance page.
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Burton Latimer Town Council FOI publication scheme

Information to be published How to obtain the information Notes
Class 1 - who are we and what do we do    
Who's who on the Council and its committees Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy
Contact details for Town Clerk & Council members Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy
Location of Council office, and accessibility details Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy
Staffing structure Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy
Town Clerk is sole employee

Class 2 - what we spend and how we spend it    
Annual return form and report by auditor Paper copy  
Finalised budget Paper copy  
Precept Paper copy  
Financial standing orders and regulations Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy
Grants given and received Paper copy  
List of current contracts awarded and value of contract Not applicable  
Members' allowances and expenses Paper copy  
Annual accounts By inspection  

Class 3 - what our priorities are and how we are doing    
Parish Plan Link to document  
Annual report to Parish or Community Meeting Not applicable  
Quality status Work in progress  
Local charters drawn up in accordance with DCLG guidelines Not applicable  

Class 4 - How we make decisions    
Timetable of meetings Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy
Agendas of meetings Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy
Minutes of meetings (excluding information that is properly regarded as private to the meeting) Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy
Responses to consultation papers Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy
Responses to planning applications Link to relevant webpage
Paper copy

Class 5 - our policies and procedures    
Policies & procedures for the conduct of council business:

- Committee & subcommittee terms of reference Paper copy  
- Delegated authority in respect of officers Paper copy  
- Code of Conduct Link to document
Paper copy
- Policy statements Paper copy  
Policies & procedures for the provision of services and about the employment of staff:

- Internal policies relating to the delivery of service Paper copy  
- Equality & diversity policy Paper copy  
- Health & safety policy Paper copy  
- Recruitment policies Paper copy  
- Policies & procedures for handling requests for information Paper copy  
- Complaints procedures - including those covering requests for information and operating the publication scheme Link to document
Paper copy
Information security policy Work in progress  
Records management policies Work in progress  
Data protection policies Work in progress  
Schedule of charges for pubic information Link to document
Paper copy

Class 6 - lists and registers    
Any publicly available register or list By inspection  
Assets register By inspection  
Disclosure log Not applicable  
Register of members' interests Link to relevant webpage  
Register of gifts & hospitality By inspection  

Class 7 - the services we offer    
Farmers market Link to relevant webpage Also see local facilities page on this website
Pocket park Link to relevant webpage

FOI contact details
George Sneddon Town clerk
» George Sneddon
address: 14 Skeffington Close
NN14 1BA
tel (mobile): 07732 331946
tel (home): 01536 743219
» council@burtonlatimer.org
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