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Burton Wold Wind Farm

The first wind farm to be built in Northamptonshire is situated about a mile from Burton Latimer town centre, along Wold Road.

The 10 turbines - which started turning in March 2006 - are designed to generate a maximum total output of 20 Megawatts. This works out at 47 million units of renewable electricity annually, which is equivalent to the needs of around 10,000 homes - roughly a quarter of Kettering Borough's households.

In 2007 Kettering Borough Council approved the Burton Wold Wind Farm landowner’s plans for an additional seven turbines to the north. And permission for a further five turbines at Burton Wold Wind Farm South between Burton Latimer and Finedon was granted by the Borough Council in March 2012.

Burton Wold Wind Farm - community fund

A Community Fund is expected to provide 280,000 for worthwhile projects in Burton Latimer over the windfarm's lifetime. More information about the fund - and what it can be used for - can be found at www.kettering.gov.uk/burtonwold.



Wold Rd, Burton Latimer
(pedestrian access only)
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